Are you a foreigner living and working in Singapore?

As an expat living and working in Singapore, you may encounter some financial problems. When these occur, it can be difficult to get money as you may not know anyone from whom you can borrow money. That’s where we come in.

Why it’s so hard for foreigners
Your other option would be to get a foreigner loan. This however can be difficult especially because of the fact that you are a foreigner. It takes a long time for a bank to approve a loan to an expat or foreign worker as the process for application and approval is quite rigorous. In addition to this, the interest rates on foreigner loans from banks are much higher than standard rates. This is because many foreigners do not own any property within Singapore that can be used as collateral. They therefore pose a bigger risk than local borrowers.

Simple Solution

Don’t give up, pack and leave Singapore. This is not the time to get desperate. It is time to look for the best solution for your problems – our foreigner loan.

We offer a simple solution for foreigners seeking some quick money in Singapore. Our foreigner loan is designed to provide foreigners with the money they need in the shortest time possible. We’ve made the process so simple that you only have to fill in a single application form and you can do it online. Upon receiving the application, our loan officers will give you a call back to arrange for an appointment at our office.

Our Foreigner Loan Application Process

We understand what it feels like to be in a fix and need money as soon as possible. We know that this situation is even worse for foreigners who have no other alternative. We have perfected the loan process and have made it very simple.

You only have to fill in an online loan application form and await our loan officers to give you a call back to arrange a meeting at our office within the day. We work hard to ensure that all applications are processed as fast as possible.

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