Looking to achieve your Business Goals  in Singapore? Our Business Loans can help.

At Capital1credit, we understand that every business is unique. We know that you will have unique needs and requirements for your business loan. We therefore offer our clients a wide variety of options for business loans. We have tailored our solutions to suit common business needs in Singapore. That’s where we come in.

Spoilt for choice
If you want something that suits your business more specifically, we are always willing to listen to you. Simply visit, call or email us and we’d be happy to set up an appointment where you can discuss your needs with one of our representatives.

We provide services for loans tailored to suit specific business needs. Whether you plan to expand your business or need money to pay your employees, we have the business loan solution for you.

Simple Process

Tired of waiting for weeks for the approval of business loans from banks? You don’t have to wait anymore. We offer the most convenient way to access money in Singapore. You only need to fill in an application form and come down to our office to submit the following documents to have your loan processed:

  • NRIC of the directors or owners of the company.
  • Bank statements of the business for the last six months.
  • A tenancy agreement for the current business premises.

We understand how hard it is for a business to run without the proper amount of cash flow. We therefore strive to ensure that loan applications are processed in the shortest time possible. We also ensure that the money is available within the shortest time possible. You only have to sign the loan contract so as to access the money.

Professional Services

We offer professional services that are flexible and practical. We have gained popularity within the business community for providing businesses in Singapore with creative financial solutions. If you have a special need for your business loan, we are the right people to talk to.

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